Welcome to the world of HeM Metals , one of the leading manufacturers of Aluminium Circles, Aluminium Slugs and Aluminium Utensils based in Ahmedabad. HeM Metals is an Indian company which is engaged in providing reliable services and quality products of Aluminium to local as well as international customers. HeM Metals is one of the (foremost). These Aluminum Circles and Slugs are widely used in the manufacturing of aluminium kitchenware like nonstick cook wares, hard anodized cook ware, pressure cooker and utensils and aerosol cans, automotive cans and collapsible tubes. Since inception we have worked very hard to achieve the highest milestones of quality for our products and services. The company considers quality as the foremost concern which makes its roots stronger in the market.The company gives complete assurance to clients for the best products manufactured and delivered. We are continuously researching the process to improve product quality while reducing costs of production. We are exquisitely engaged in the exporting of aluminium products and continuously strive to be appreciated by overseas clients by maintaining timely supply, competitive pricing and customer satisfaction. The company welcomes all big or small queries from all part of the world.